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The History in India and the Bibliography were part of the Family History in India website which was designed by Cathy Day to help people trace their British and European ancestry in colonial India. Cathy kindly allowed us to transfer this information to our wiki.

History in India

This is a very brief history of 65th Regiment of Foot (2nd Yorkshire North Riding Regiment), focussing entirely on its time in India.

1803 Bombay, Surat

1804 Baroda, Indore, Kotah, Malwa

1805 Bharatpur, Dholpore, Bundelcund, Kotah

1806-1809 Surat

1809-1811 Bombay

1809 The 65th was sent from Bombay to Arabia as part of an expeditionary force to suppress Qawasim pirates who preyed on shipping in the Persian Gulf. After destroying several pirate forts it returned to India.

1812 Dhewrah

1814-15 Baroda

1815 Fort Anjar

1817 Kirkee

1815 Kutch

1815-1816 Booj

1816-1818 Ahmednuggur

1817 The action in Arabia of 1809 only served to suppress Arabic pirate activity for a few years, and did not destroy it completely. In 1817, the 65th was again sent to the Persian Gulf and this time they succeeded in destroying all pirate forts and forcing the Arab chiefs of the pirates to submit to British dominion. For this action, and the one of 1809, the 65th was awarded the unique battle honour 'Arabia'.

1817-1818 Corygaum

1817 Kirkee

1817 Poona

1816-1819 Bombay

1818 The 65th Regiment of Foot played a significant part in the Pindari Campaign or 3rd Maratha War

1819 Fort St George

1819 Kirkee

1819 Poona

1819 Sirur

1819-1820 Kutch

1820 Surat

1821 The 65th were again called to Arabia to fight pirates, this time members of the Beni Boo Ali tribe. Once more, all the pirate forts and ships were destroyed.

1821-1822 Bombay

1838 Taroy-Yo


The information above was obtained from a number of sources, including :

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Regimental journal

The Tiger and the Rose. A monthly journal of the York & Lancaster Regiment. Published from 1887. At least some editions are available at the British Library, but the catalogue does not give details. Also available at the Regiment Museum, see below. Another possible source is the National Army Museum

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