Assam-Bengal Railway Workshops

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Assam-Bengal Railway Workshops

Chittagong (Pahartali) Railway Workshop
Chittagong was the terminus of the Assam-Bengal Railway (ABR) and extensive workshops were located at Pahartali, a suberb of the town of Chittagong [1].

Chandpur Railway Workshop
The Assam-Bengal Railway (ABR) workshop was located at Chandpur up to 1935 [2].

Dibrugarh Railway Workshop
The ABR Railway Workshop moved to Dibrugarh in 1935 [2]

Notes concerning the above two records:-"

  • 1. The author uses the spelling Chandrapur – this is not the spelling used in the Imperial Gazetteer which uses Chandpur. This is the spelling that Fibis have adopted.
  • 2. The author cites the move of the worshop in 1935 to Dibrugarh. The implication of this that the workhops was relocated or merged with the workshop of the Dibru-Sadiya Railway(DSR). Other records indicate that the working of the DSR only took place in 1942 for the duration of the war

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