Battle of Amboor

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Battle of Amboor
Part of 2nd Carnatic War
Date: 3 August 1749
Location: Ambur, Tamil Nadu
Presidency: Madras
Co-ordinates: 12.789531°N 78.720958°E
Result: Nawab of Arcot defeated
Arcot Rival Indian claimants to Hyderbad & Arcot
Anwaruddin Muhammed Khan Nawab of the Carnatic Muzaffar Jang
Chanda Sahib
M. d'Auteuil
12,000 cavalry
8,000 infantry
36,000 troops
French: 12 killed and 63 wounded
Indians: 300 killed and wounded

This was an event during the 2nd Carnatic War


The combined forces of Muzaffar Jang (claimant to Hyderabad) and Chanda Sahib (claimant to Arcot) with a French force under M. d'Auteuil attacked the army of the Nawab of the Carnatic at Ambur. The Nawab was defeated and killed. Chanda Sahib took his title and possession of Arcot.

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