Battle of Asseer Eelmee

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Battle of Asseer Eelmee
Part of 1st Afghan War 1839-42
Date: 29 May 1841
Location: Asseer, 12 miles south of Qalat, Zabul Province, Afghanistan
Presidency: Bengal
Co-ordinates: 31.987347°N 66.763315°E
Result: British victory
British & Indians Ghilzai tribesmen
Lt-Col George Wymer Gool Mahomed
4 killed
15 wounded

This was an event during the 1st Afghan War
For context see main article General Nott at Kandahar


Major Lynch the political officer at Khelat-i-Ghilzie instigated an attack on a Ghilzai fort in which the chief and 15 men were killed. This precipitated a rising of the Ghilzais. Colonel Wymer set out from Kandahar with stores for Khelat-i-Ghilzie and met tthe enemy force about twelve miles short of that place. After a three hour battle the Ghilzais were defeated. Lynch was removed from his post.

Field Force

  • Four coys 38th Bengal Native Infantry (400 men)
  • One wing Shah's 1st Cavalry under Capt Leeson
  • 21 Sappers and Miners
  • 2 guns Horse Artillery

Spelling Variants

Modern name: not found
Variants: Asseer-il-Mee/Asseea Ilmee/Assia Elmee/Assiai-Ilmee

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History of the War in Afghanistan Vol I (1800-1841) - Battle at Assiai-Ilmee by John William Kaye (1851)