Battle of Chowpoo - April 1862

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Battle of Chowpoo - April 1862
Part of Taiping Rebellion 1850-64
Date: 17 April 1862
Location: Che-poo, Shanghai, China
Presidency: Madras
Co-ordinates: 31.119444°N 121.572500°E
Result: British & French victory
British & French Taiping Rebels
Brig Gen Sir Charles Staveley
Rear Adm Protet
2,420 men
14 guns
None 600 killed
300 wounded (later executed)

Allied Forces

British Naval Division with 3 howitzers 350 men
Royal Artillery with 4 howitzers 90 men
HM 99th Regiment of Foot 80 men
22nd Punjab Native Infantry 400 men
5th Bombay Native Infantry 400 men
French Contingent with 7 guns 700 men
Ward's Legion of Chinese 400 men
Total 2,420 men

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