Battle of Jalalabad

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Battle of Jalalabad
Part of 1st Afghan War 1839-42
Date: 7 April 1842
Location: Jalalabad, Afghanistan
Presidency: Bengal
Co-ordinates: 34.456712°N 70.384276°E
Result: Akbar Khan defeated
British & Indians Barakzai tribesmen
Maj-Gen Sir Robert Sale Mohammad Akbar Khan
1,500 6,000
14 killed
66 wounded

This was an event during the 1st Afghan War
For context see main article General Sale's March from Kabul to Jalalabad


Sirdar Mahommed Akbar Khan came to Jalalabad with a large body of troops hoping to take the city following the earthquake of 19 February. He found the damage had been quickly repaired however so he established a rigorous blockade. Rumour came on 5 April that the relieving army under General Pollock had been repulsed at the Khyber Pass (later found not to be true). General Sale decided on an attack on the Afghan camp in the hope of raising the siege.

Almost all the garrison's fighting men were detailed in three columns for the assault. A skeleton guard was left on the walls under Captain Robert Pattisson. On 7 April at dawn the force issued from the the Kabul and Peshawar gates. The right column under Captain Havelock[1] drove the enemy back while Colonel Dennie attacked a fort on the right and was killed at the head of his regiment.[2] The battle lasted twelve hours at the end of which the enemy was in full retreat. The Afghan standards were captured together with a great quantity of stores.

Akbar Khan was defeated and the garrison had raised the siege before the arrival of Pollock's relieving force on 14 April.

Troops in the Sortie

Left Column
500 men under Lieut-Col Thomas Monteath CB

Centre Column
500 men under Col. William Dennie

Right Column
360 men under Capt. Henry Havelock


  • No 6 Light Field Battery under Capt Augustus Abbott


  • Small troop under Capt Oldfield and Lieut William Mayne


Entries in the Dictionary of Indian Biography 1906:
Augustus Abbott (1804-1867)
Mahommed Akbar Khan (1813?-1849)
William Dennie (1785?-1842)
Henry Havelock (1782-1842)
William Mayne (1818-1855)
Thomas Monteath (Douglas) (1795-1857)
George Pollock (1786-1872)
Robert Sale (1782-1845)

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  1. Later to become Maj- Gen Sir Henry Havelock KCB who led the relief of Lucknow
  2. Account of Glennie's death