Battle of Maidan 1842

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Battle of Maidan 1842
Part of 1st Afghan War 1839-42
Date: 15 September 1842
Location: Meydan Shahr, Vardak Province, Afghanistan
Presidency: Bengal
Co-ordinates: 34.449971°N 68.783466°E
Result: British victory
British & Indians Various Afghan tribes
General Sir William Nott Shams-ud-Din
12,000 men

This was an event during the 1st Afghan War
For context see main article Withdrawal from Afghanistan


As General Nott approached Kabul there was a further confrontation with the forces of Shams-ud-Din. There was a running engagement during the march to Maidan valley. Artillery fire finally deterred the enemy who withdrew. The remainder of the route to Kabul was unmolested.

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