Bellary-Kistna State Railway

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Bellary-Kistna State Railway

The first 90 miles were opened in 1887 and extended to Bezwada (present day Vijayawada) in 1888. Worked by Southern Mahratta Railway(SMR).

The Hindupur extension was under survey in 1892-94.

SMR became Madras and Southern Mahratta Railway(M&SMR) in 1908


Other Personnel from PWD are given in the 1890 Civil List [3] and employed on the Bellary-Kistna State Railway -

  • H C B? La Touche, Superintending Engineer
  • R W L Toozs , Executive Engineer
  • J C Lyle, Assistant Engineer
  • D P Siva, Assistant Engineer - Survey
  • G F Thompson, Assistant Engineer - Survey
  • J W A McNaire, Storekeeper


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Further Information

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