Bhimgoda Headworks Construction Railway

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Bhimgoda Headworks Construction Railway

The Bhimgoda Headworks for the Ganges Canal commenced construction in 1914 by the United Provinces Public Works Department and was completed in 1920.

When the Ganges Canal (also called the Upper Ganga Canal) was originally built in 1845 it was supplied by headworks at Mayapur which consisted of two channels created by boulders and shingle aprons and only intended as a temporary solution [1].

New permanent headworks were built at Bhimogoda from Apr 1914. Martin & Company supplied the light railway plant for the project, including girders etc for temporary bridging. Commencement had been delayed due to a delay in construction by the Oudh and Rohilkhand Railway(O&RR) of a broad gauge(BG) line to the site to carry heavy materials [1].

The records indicate that a 2ft/610mm narrow gauge(NG) system was used during the construction [1].


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