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Also known as The Buffs


  • 1572 raised as Thomas Morgan's Company of Foot
  • 1665 known as the 4th (The Holland Maritime) Regiment
  • 1668 known as the 4th (The Holland) Regiment
  • 1688 known as the 4th The Lord Admiral's Regiment
  • 1737 renamed the 3rd (Howard's) Regiment of Foot
  • 1743 became 3rd Regiment of Foot, "Howard's Buffs"
  • 1751 became 3rd (Kent) Regiment of Foot, "The Buffs"
  • 1881 became The Buffs, (East Kent Regiment)
  • 1935 became The Buffs, (Royal East Kent Regiment)
  • 1961 amalgamated with 50th/97th The Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment to form 3rd/50th/97th The Queen's Own Buffs, The Royal Kent Regiment
  • 1966 merged and became 2nd Battalion (Queen's Own Buffs), The Queen's Regiment
  • 1992 amalgamated with The Royal Hampshire Regiment to form The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment

Regimental journal

The Dragon. East Kent Chronicle A paper for the men of the Buffs. The British Library catalogue lists '[New Series.] no. 1-135. Nov. 1, 1886,-Feb 1961'.

"My maternal grandfather was in "G" Coy, 1st Bn [c 1900] and I tracked his movements - and involvement in sporting competitions - around the various cantonments in India, then Burma, via the accounts published in the regimental magazine, The Dragon"[1]

There is a range of editions available online, see below.

FIBIS resources

  • "Boy Soldier to Lancer: John Arnfield in the Anglo -Sikh Wars" by Ainslie Sharpe FIBIS Journal Number 26 Autumn 2011, pages 31-40 For details of how to access this article, see FIBIS Journals
John Arnfield was born at sea in 1819. His father Hugh was in the 59th Foot which was in India 1820-1829. When that regiment returned to England in 1829, Hugh Arnfield transferred to the 3rd Regiment of Foot. John Arnfield enlisted in the Buffs, in India, as a Boy 16 November 1833 aged 14. He remained with the regiment in India, until he transferred to the 16th Lancers 1 April 1840.

External links

  • With the Buffs to Ireland and India (ww1.crayfordhistory.co.uk, now archived). Private William White arrived in India in January 1914 and was with B Company, 2 /Buffs which left India on 16 November 1914. Images 3 and 8 shows the Regiment in India.
  • Listen to the 1977 interview with William John Hopkins, British NCO served with 1st Battalion. East Kent Regiment in India and Burma, 1927-1938. Imperial War Museums

Historical books online

Volumes 2-4 , published 1935-1951 are available at the British Library


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