Cawnpore-Barabanki Railway

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Cawnpore-Barabanki Railway
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Line of route
Cawnpore to Aishbagh
Daliganj to Barabanki
Gauge / mileage
Metre gauge
part Broad Gauge
45 miles (1897)
Metre gauge 18 miles (1896)
1896 Daliganj to Barabanki section opened
1897 Cawnpore to Aishbagh section opened
Key locations
Presidency Bombay
Stations Cawnpore, Aishbagh, Daliganj, Barabanki
System agency
1896-7 worked jointly by B&NWR and R&KR
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The Cawnpore-Barabanki Railway was owned by the Government of India(GoI) and was worked by the Bengal and North-Western Railway(B&NWR) and the Rohilkund and Kumaon Railway(R&KR) and their successors.

The Cawnpore-Barabanki Railway was a metre gauge(MG) railway and essentially the common stem of the B&NWR and the R&KR networks. [1]

There were two lines:

  • Daliganj-Barabanki line, MG linking Daliganj (R&KR) to Barabanki (B&NWR), a line of 18 miles(29km) opened 1896
  • Cawnpore-Aishbagh line, MG linking Cawnpore to Aishbagh (R&KR), a line of 45 miles(72km), opened 1897. Part of this section was originally named the Cawnpore-Burhwal Railway (Metre Gauge Link), an existing branch of the O&RR to which a third rail was added, creating a short, mixed (BG and MG) gauge link

The Cawnpore-Barabanki Railway was transferred to the North Eastern Railway on 27 February 1953.

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