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Malikpur Water Fall (Dalhousi).jpg
Presidency: Bengal
Coordinates: 32.53°N 75.98°E
Altitude: 1,954 metres (6,411 ft)
Present Day Details
Place Name: Dalhousie
State/Province: Himachal Pradesh
Country: India
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Dalhousie was a hill station in Punjab, and the location of a cantonment. It was establised in 1854 and named after Lord Dalhousie, the Governor General of India at that time.

The cantonment

The cantonment was originally established as a convalescent Depot.

From a 1910 publication: "In 1866, it was determined that the barracks for the convalescent Depot should be built on the Balun plateau, below Terah,... and at the same time the Bakloh Hill (14 miles from Dalhousie, towards the plains) was taken as a cantonment for the 4th Gurkas.
In 1868 troops were, for the first time, located at Balun. It was originally a depot under the Command of Military Officer appointed for two years, but during recent years a wing of a British Infantry Regiment from one of the stations in the Lahore Command has been quartered there under its own officers.
In addition to this wing at Balun, troops from the Lahore Command are quartered in barracks, recently erected, on the Tikka spur and Mankot, so that there are wings of three British Infantry Regiments quartered round Dalhousie; married families being accommodated in tents. Balun, as a convalescent depot, has ceased to exist." [1]

Spelling variants

Balun, Baloon, Balloon
Mankote, Mankot, Mancote

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