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David Logan (1832-1896)

Railway Achievements in India

  • 1858-63, Great Southern of India Railway(GSIR), Resident Engineer on the construction of the Negapatam-Trichinopoly section until 1863, when he succeeded Mr. Mark William Carr as Chief Engineer of the line [1].
  • 1863-66, GSIR Chief Engineer a position he held until resigning in 1866 to superintend the reclamation work at the Bombay Back Bay Reclamation Scheme Railway. The narrow strip of land that had been reclaimed was obtained by the Government and given to Bombay, Baroda and Central India Railway(BB&CIR) to enable them to lay a line from the Churchgate to Colaba. [1]
  • 1869 Great Southern of India Railway, re-appointed as GSIR Chief Engineer, "which was at that time a broad gauge(BG) line, extending from Negapatam to Erode" [2].
  • On 1st July 1874 the Great Southern of India Railway Company and the Carnatic Railway, were amalgamated under the title of the South Indian Railway.
  • 1874-96 South Indian Railway(SIR), Chief Engineer. "Its subsequent development into the system now known as the South Indian Railway, about 1,100 miles in length, was carried out under Mr. Logan's direction. Mr. Logan held this post until his death, from paralysis, which took place at Ammayanayakanur, a station on the South Indian Railway, on the 17th of April, 1896. His name will long be remembered as one of the earliest and most successful pioneers of railway enterprise in India"[2]


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