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Delhi Durbar Their Majesties at the Fort, Delhi

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Delhi Durbar 1911. Royal Procession


The visit by Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, 2nd son of Queen Victoria, in India 26 December 1869- March 1870. He was the first member of the royal family to visit British India.


The visit by Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, later King Edward VII 1875-1876


Part of a world cruise by Prince Albert Victor and Prince George of Wales 1879-1882. Includes Singapore and Ceylon in 1882.


The visit by Prince Albert Victor (1864-1892), eldest son of Albert Edward, Prince of Wales and the grandson of Queen Victoria. who embarked on seven months tour to India in October 1889.



The visit by the Prince and Princess of Wales, (later King George V and Queen Mary) November 1905 to March 1906



The visit by Edward, Prince of Wales, later Duke of Windsor, November 17, 1921-March 7, 1922


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