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The Dhar State Railway (DhSR) was represented by a delegate at the Indian Railway Conference Association (IRCA) in 1937 and 1938

1937 Conference [1]

  • 3rd row: 4th from left - S.R. Phansey (Dhar State Railway)

1938 Conference [2]

  • 3rd row standing: 7th from left - S. R. Phansey (Dhar State Railway).

The Dhar State Railway did not exist as a railway but two lines did pass through the Dhar State:-

It is assumed the delegate to the IRCA conferences of 1937 and 1938 was there to represent the interests of the princely Dhar State through whose lands the two major railways passed.

The Dhar State was a Maratha princely state of India during the British Raj, part of the Central India Agency. Dhar began as one of the states during Maratha dominance in India about 1730. In 1941 it had an area of 1,798 square miles (4,660 km2) and a population of 253,210. Dhar was the capital of the state. The state was ruled by the Pawar (or Puar) dynasty of the Marathas. In 1948 it became part of Madhya Bharat [3]

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