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The Diamond Harbour Line Railway was a broad gauge(BG) line constructed by the Calcutta and South Eastern Railway(CSER) as a link from their Calcutta to Port Canning line, it opened in 1883. [1] [2]

Ownership of CESR was transferred to the Government of India(GoI) on 1st April 1868. The CPSR was merged into the Eastern Bengal Railway(EBR) on 1st July 1884.


The construction of a dock at Diamond Harbour with a railway to be called the ‘Calcutta and Diamond Harbour Railway’ to the bonded warehouses in Calcutta was first proposed in a Report from 1838 - see separate page for details

The ‘Calcutta and Diamond Harbour Dock & Railway Co Ltd’ was formed in 1845, a survey was undertaken but the construction was delayed. Land was allocated by the Government in 1853-54 [3]. However the Company did not proceed with the construction.

In 1852-53 the ‘Diamond Harbour Scheme for railway communication with Calcutta’ proposal was put forward for consideratrion [4]

The ‘Calcutta and South Eastern Railway’ (CPSR)was formed in 1859 as a Guaranteed Company and opened their Calcutta to Port Canning line in 1862. The branch line to Diamond Harbour opened in 1863

Further Information

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