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  • 1881 the 31st Regiment of Foot and the 70th Regiment of Foot amalgamated to become The East Surrey Regiment
  • 1959 merged with The Queen's Royal Regiment to form The Queen's Royal Surrey Regiment
  • 1966 amalgamated with The Queen's Own Buffs, The Royal Sussex Regiment & The Middlesex Regiment (Duke of Cambridge's Own) to form The Queen's Regiment
  • 1992 amalgamated with The Royal Hampshire Regiment to become The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment

FIBIS resources

  • FIBIS Gallery Collection of photographs taken by and owned by Arthur Cecil Gregory who served in the 5th Battalion East Surrey Regiment in various parts of India during WW1.
  • Photo of a memorial in St George's Cathedral, Agra to NCOs & Men of 6th Battalion East Surrey Regiment who died in India 1914 - 1919. Note, this is an archived page, (archive.is, however this may vary) as the original FIBIS database page now no longer appears available. List of Names Included: V.G. Warner C.J. Foster H. Hill W.H. Balkam H.D. Bourne R.E. Brazier F. Bull H.J. Burrows W.J. Carpenter J.V. Carrington G. Dean R.F. Dignam W.G. Dunford E.G. Earthy G.A. Enever R. Garrett A.L. Hampton M.M. Harris T.T. Herbert W.A. Lawton G. Marnock W.J. Verrell R.G. Brazenor E. Sweetman R. Morris A.W. Newman F.J. Nicholson W.P.N. Norris G. Palmer W. Peart W.G. Shettle C.L. Sparrow A. Rosenwould W.P.A. Tilbury W.H. Tubbs F.C. Tull F. Wakeford A. Walters B.T.G. Wild E.G. Williams F. Winter.

Records and Archives

The Regimental museum and the Archive holding many of the Regimental records are both within the catchment area of West Surrey Family History Society

  • Surrey Infantry Museum at Clandon Park, Guildford, Surrey.
  • The regimental collection of historic documents, books and photograph albums may be found at the Surrey History Centre
    • System ID: ESR East Surrey Regiment, formerly The 31st (Huntingdonshire) Regiment and 70th (Surrey) Regiment: Records
      • For the Journal of the East Surrey Regiment, 1920-1959, see J/553 in Surrey History Centre's library holdings
      • The bibliography (scroll down) mentions the main regimental history
The National Archives Discovery catalogue entry for the records at the Surrey History Centre.
findmypast includes a database Surrey Recruitment Registers 1908-1933,[1] located in Armed Forces & Conflict/ Regimental & Service Records, original records from The Surrey History Centre.

External links

Troop ship: ‘five weeks on board’ 29 November 1914, written onboard SS Grantully Castle
India: ‘the time of my life’ May 1915, written from Kuldana, Murree.
  • Voyage to India: Memoirs of the 1st/3rd Kent Battery 1914 Frank William Critchley was 22 years old and a sergeant in the 1st/3rd Kent Battery, Royal Artillery. He travelled to India on the troopship Grantully Castle which departed Southampton 29 Oct 1914 and arrived Bombay 2 December 1914. One board were: Artillery 450. East Surreys 400. 4th Queens 800. voyagetoindia.co.uk
  • Listen to the 1976 interview with Walter Cousins, British private served with 1/5th Battalion, East Surrey Regt in India, 1914-1916; NCO served with 222nd Coy, Machine Gun Corps in India and Afghanistan, 1916-1920. Imperial War Museums
  • Listen to the 1977 interview with Charles Douglas Armstrong, British officer served with 7th Bn Machine Gun Corps in India, 1920- 1921; served with 1st Battalion, East Surrey Regt in India, 1926-1929; served as staff officer with Manzai Bde on North West Frontier in India, 1929-1933; served as adjutant with 1st Battalion, East Surrey Regt in India, 1933-1938. Imperial War Museums