Emerson Barrage Construction Railway

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Emerson Barrage Construction Railway

The 'Emerson Barrage' (now named 'Trimmu Barrage') is a barrage at Trimmu on the River Chenab in the Jhang District of the Punjab. It is situated downstream of the confluence of the River Jhelum and River Chenab. It is situated some 25 km from the city of Jhang near the village of Atharan Hazari where the River Jhelum flows into the River Chenab. The Barrage is primarily a flood control mechanism to protect the city of Jhang from floods to control water flow into the River Chenab for irrigation and flood control purposes. The arched grid iron's bridge section is integrated with several protective bands. The Barrage was constructed between 1937 and 1939. Its name was changed later [1].

The construction was undertaken by the Punjab Public Works Department(PWD) and commenced in 1937. The headworks barrage were opened on 2 Apr 1939 by Sir Henry Duffield, Governor of the Punjab [2]. A plaque giving the names of the Engineers engaged on the project still stands [3]. The full report on 'The Emerson Barrage' was presented by the Institution of Civil Engineers in 1941 [4]

Construction Railways

The following railways were used during construction [5].

  • 'Sikhanwala Quarry Railway'. During the construction 36 miles(58km) of broad gauge(BG) was used to convey materials from the 'Sikhanwala Quarry' to the headworks. See separate page for more information
  • 'Emerson Barrage Construction Tramway'. Seven miles(11km) of narrow gauge track,five unidentified locomotives and 506 wagons used on the site mainly in and around the concreting site.


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