Events at Cawnpore

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This article is part of the events in the Indian Mutiny

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7 June 1857 Start of the Siege of Cawnpore
27 June 1857 Massacre at Satichaura Ghat
16 July 1857 Massacre at Bibigarh
17 July 1857 Recapture of Cawnpore
19 November-6 December 1857 Second Siege of Cawnpore


Entries in the Dictionary of Indian Biography 1906:
John Adye (1819-1900)
Henry Havelock (1795-1857)
Nana Sahib (1820?-1859?)
Tantya Tope (1819-59)
Maj-Gen Sir Hugh Wheeler (1789-1857)]

FIBIS resources

  • "The Walsh Family and the Cawnpore Massacre" by Paddy Walsh FIBIS Journal Number 31 (Spring 2014) pages 3-15. For access, see FIBIS Journals.

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Historical books online

The Indian Mutiny : and in particular a narrative of events at Cawnpore, June and July, 1857 by J Lee, catalogued 1893 Probably contains most (or all ?) of the earlier publication.

Recommended Reading

Saul David, Indian Mutiny: 1857 (London: Viking, 2002), ISBN 0670911372 ; (Penguin, 2003), ISBN 0141005548

Andrew Ward, Our Bones are Scattered: the Cawnpore Massacres and the Indian Mutiny of 1857 (McArthur & Co, 1996), ISBN 0719564107. Available online, see above.