Recapture of Cawnpore July 1857

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Recapture of Cawnpore July 1857
Part of Indian Mutiny
Date: 16 July 1857
Location: Cawnpore Uttar Pradesh
Presidency: Bengal
Co-ordinates: 26.470876°N 80.371896°E
Result: City recaptured
East India Company Rebel Sepoys
Maj Gen Henry Havelock Tatya Tope

This article is part of the Events at Cawnpore during the Indian Mutiny


Having fought five successful actions since leaving Allahabad on 1 July, Havelock finally recaptured Cawnpore.


Entries in the Dictionary of Indian Biography 1906:
Henry Havelock (1795-1857)
Tantya Tope (1819-59)

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