F. Wolley-Dod

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F. Wolley-Dod

Trained at Royal Indian Engineering College, Cooper’s Hill, Surrey England. Appointed to the Public Works Department, 1876, Assistant Engineer [1].

Railway Achievements


  • State Railways, 1876, Assistant Engineer
  • Services lent to Kashmir State, 1888-89
  • 1888-c.1890, Executive Engineer Jammu and Kashmir Railway construction [2]
  • Promoted Executive Engineer for State Railways, 1892
  • 1892, Indian Railway Conference Association(IRCA), Lahore. 'Locomotive Superintendents Conference' delegate as IRCA Secretary [3].
  • Deputy Consulting Engineer to Government of India for State Railways, 1892
  • On special duties with Government of India, 1897
  • Retired, 1899