Frederick Charles Bullmore

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Frederick Charles Bullmore (1842-1887)
The account below extracted from Grace’s Guide [1].

Railway Achievements in India

  • 1865 appointed to Madras Railway. He was successively engaged in superintending the construction of three districts of the North-West line, aggregating a length of 40 miles, and was in 1867 promoted from the fourth to the third class.
  • 1870 Carnatic Railway, and was engaged upon the preliminary surveys of that line at various points between Madras and Porto Novo.
  • 1874 South Indian Railway(SIR) absorbing the Carnatic Railway and services retained.
  • 1876 left SIR on completion of the work
  • 1877 Madras Railway re-entered service and was employed until his decease in the maintenance of various divisions of that line
  • 1887, died at Bangalore 18 Sept 1887.