Hajiganj-Shatnal Railway Survey

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Hajiganj-Shatnal Railway

The Hajiganj-Shatnal Railway was a proposed 24 miles(38km) branch line surveyed in 1897 by Assam-Bengal Railway(ABR) to connect with a wagon ferry to the Eastern Bengal Railway(EBR)’s proposed ‘ ‘Goalundo-Narayanganj Extension Railway’ [1].

Hajigahj was an intermediate station located between Laksam and Chandpur on the ABR ‘Chandpur Branch’ metre gauge(MG) line that had opened in 1895

Shatnal was the proposed land terminus where it would connect to a wagon Ferry to the terminus in Narayanganj. Here it would link to a proposed EBR line to Goalando.

There is no corroborating information to show that this railway was constructed and no information has been found to determine why the project did not proceed.

Further Information

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