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Henry Dangerfield (1844-1887)|

Railway Achievements in India

  • 1872 June, Nizam’s State Railway posted from PWD, the construction of which was just commencing. He remained on that line for upwards of five years and a half; first for a short time as Assistant Engineer, and subsequently as Executive Engineer in charge of an important division, the construction of which he carried to completion [1].
  • 1876 July, Nizam’s State Railway, at the opening of that line he was appointed to take charge as Manager and Engineer-in-Chief [1].
  • 1878 Feb, Holkar & Sindia-Neemuch State Railways, transferred as Superintendent of Way and Works, and he held this post till Dec 1880, being also manager of the line for the last two years [1].
  • 1880 Dec, Bhavnagar-Gondal State Railway in Kathiawar, his substantive appointment was that of Manager and Engineer-in-Chief [1], with James Rhind working under him as Locomotive Superintendent who, 'with very limited appliances, built the whole of the workshops, put up the machinery, and fitted up the entire rolling-stock for the line [2]. He held the position of Manager and Engineer-in-Chief until his death in 1887 [1].
  • 1883 Sept - 1885 Jan, Rajputana-Malwa State Railway, officiated as Manager [1].


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