Bhavnagar-Gondal State Railway

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The Bhavnagar-Gondal State Railway was an administative coalition between Bhavnagar State Railway that was formed in 1880 and Gondal Railway formed in 1881.

The following personnel are recorded as being deployed from the Public Works Department Railway Branch to the Bhavnagar-Gondal State Railway :-

  • William Coupar Rennie, 1880, Bhavnagar-Gondal State Railway, Engineer-in- Chief; with James Rhind working under him as Locomotive Superintendent [1].
  • James Rhind, 1880, Bhavnagar-Gondal State Railway Locomotive Superintendent of the Kathiawar District. 'While holding this appointment, with very limited appliances, he built the whole of the workshops, put up the machinery, and fitted up the entire rolling-stock for the line. Mr. Rhind managed the locomotive department on this line, under Mr William Coupar Rennie, and afterwards under the late Mr Henry Dangerfield, who highly appreciated his abilities and work' [2].
  • Henry Dangerfield, 1880 Dec, Bhavnagar-Gondal State Railway in Kathiawar, his substantive appointment was that of Manager and Engineer-in-Chief. He held the position of Manager and Engineer-in-Chief until his death in 1887 [3].

The coalition expanded and became the Bhavnagar-Gondal-Junagad-Porbandar Railway(BGJPR) in 1888.


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