Bhavnagar-Gondal-Junagad-Porbandar Railway

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Bhavnagar-Gondal-Junagad-Porbandar Railway
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System timeline
1880 System formed
1911 System dissolved
Constituent companies / lines
1880 Bhavnagar State Railway
1881 Gondal Railway
1888 Junagadh State Railway
Porbandar State Railway
1898 Dhrangadra Railway
1890 Jetalsar-Rajkot Railway
1897 Jamnagar Railway
Key locations
Headquarters Bhavnagar
Major Stations Bhavnagar, Dhola, Jetalsar, Porbandar, Rajkot, Veraval, Wadhwan
Successor system / organisation
1911 Bhavnagar State Railways
Gondal Railways
Junagadh State Railways
Porbandar State Railway
System mileage
Metre gauge 485 miles (1905)
Associated auxiliary force
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Bhavangar-Gondal-Junagadh-Porbandar Railway Map 1909

The Bhavnagar-Gondal-Junagadh-Porbandar Railway (BGJPR) was a system comprising several short Metre Gauge(MG) lines on the Kathiawar peninsula (in western Gujarat). Owned by the four Indian States that gave the system its name. This administrative coalition was dissolved in 1911 with the constituents going their independent ways.

These railways were to come together again, with others (eg the Morvi Railway), in 1948 to form the Saurashtra Railway.

Lines worked by BGJPR at some time

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Further Information

Kathiawar Peninsula Railway and Tramway Systems gives a map, timeline and relates this railway to others in the Kathiawar Peninsula.


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