Junagadh State Railway

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Junagadh State Railway
Junagadh State Railway Logo.png
Junagadh State Railway Logo.
Line of route
Jetalsar to Veraval
Gauge / mileage
Metre gauge 140 miles (1922)
229 miles (1944)
1888 First section opened to traffic
Key locations
Presidency Bombay
Stations Jetalsar, Junagadh, Kutiyana, Veraval
System agency
1888 Bhavnagar-Gondal-Junagad-Porbandar Railway
1911 Own agency
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Also known as Junagad State Railway

The Junagadh State Railway (JunSR) was a metre gauge(MG) railway owned by the Princely Junagadh State and initially worked by the ‘Bhavnagar-Gondal-Junagad-Porbandar Railway[1]

In 1869 a survey was undertaken and the ’Junagadh-Veraval Railway Proposal ‘ concluded that a Railway line from Junagadh to Veraval was feasible but the cost of 40 to 50 Lakhs of Rupees was too high for the Junagadh Durbar to go ahead. Proposals for a light railway system were to be looked at. [2].

In 1872 another line was proposed and the route from Veraval to Junagadh and Dhoraji was surveyed by Mr A W Forde C E, but the cost was beyond the means of Junagadh Durbar. This proposal came to nothing [3]. Construction finally commenced in 1886 from Jetalsar to Junagadh City in 1888 and onward To Veraval 1889,
Initially described as the Junadagh-Veraval Railway.


Development of the Junagadh State Railway

Junagadh State Railway 1931 Map
Junagadh State Railway 1938 Scematic Map
  • The first section from Jetalsar to Junagadh opened in 1888 and extended to Veraval Docks in 1889, a total of 67 miles(108km) [4]. At Jetalasar Junction there was a connection to the ‘Gondal Railway - Mainline’ Dhasa to Jamjodhpur.
  • Initially described as the Junadagh-Veraval Railway and became the ‘Main Line’
    • Line ‘A’ on 1931 and 1938 maps
  • 1910-15: ‘Saradiya Branch Line’, 26 miles(42km); from Shapur , 5 miles(8km) south-west of Junagadh, to Saradiya [4] (shown as Juniagarh to Kutiyana on 1931 Railways Map )
    • Line ‘B’ on 1931 and 1938 maps
  • 1912: ‘Visavadar Branch’, 26 miles(km); from Junagadh to Visavadar [4] .
    • Line ‘C’ on 1931 and 1938 maps
  • 1912: ‘Dungarpur Quarry Line’, ¾ mile(1.2km); a short spur from the ‘Visavadar Branch’, 2 miles (3.2km) south-east of Junagarh [4] .
    • Line ‘D’ on 1938 map
  • 1918-23: ‘Veraval-Prachi Road Branch’, 28 miles(45km); from Veraval, proposed as far as Una, delayed start, opened in stages from 1918, reached Prachi Road 1923 [6].
    • Line ‘E’ on 1931 and 1938 maps
  • 1932: ‘Visavader-Dhari Branch’ 20 miles(32km); from Visavader to Dhari [6]
    • Line ‘F’ on 1938 map
  • 1934-35: ‘Prachi Road-Jamwala-Delvada Branch’ 31 miles(50km) [6]. This was an extension to the ‘Veraval-Prachi Road Branch’ (Line ‘E’ above) and on reaching Delvada in 1935 became renamed ‘Una Branch’, with a total length from Veraval to Delvada of 25 miles(95km) [7].
    • Line ‘G’ on 1938 map
  • 1936-37: ‘Talala-Visavadar Railway’' via Sasan Gir, 29½ miles(47km) MG, constructed by the JunSR.See separate page

The ‘Statistics of Working’ show the year-by-year financial results from 1913-14 through to 1936-37 with a total route length of 229 miles(369km) <ref name=Hist>


Indian Railway Classification of 1926 - Class III railway system.

Further Information

See Bhavnagar-Gondal-Junagad-Porbandar Railway for period from 1899 to 1911.
and Kathiawar Peninsula Railway and Tramway Systems gives a map, timeline and relates this railway to others in the Kathiawar Peninsula.