Morvi Railway

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Morvi Railway
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Line of route
Rajkot to Wadhwan
Vankaner to Morvi
Gauge / mileage
Metre gauge 73 miles (1905)
132 miles (1942)
2' 6" NG 17 miles (1905)
0 miles (1942)
1890 Opened to traffic as NG
1905 Rajkot to Wadhwan converted to MG
1924 Morvi section converted to MG
Key locations
Presidency Bombay
Stations Morvi, Rajkot, Vankaner, Wadhwan
System agency
Morvi Railway
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Morvi Railway
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System timeline
1942 Managing Dhrangadra Railway
1948 Merged to form Saurashtra Railway
Constituent companies / lines
1890 Morvi Railway
1942 Dhrangadra Railway
1890 Morvi State Tramways
Key locations
Headquarters Morvi
Major Stations Dhrangadra, Rajkot, Vankaner, Wadhwan
Successor system / organisation
1948 Saurashtra Railway
1951 Western Railway (IR zone)
System mileage
Metre gauge 73 miles (1905)
230 miles (1942)
2' 6" NG 17 miles (1905)
0 miles (1942)
Associated auxiliary force
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Morvi Railway Map 1909

The Morvi Railway was owned and managed by the Princely Morvi State

Sometimes also known as the Wadhwan-Morvi State Railway

The original section from Vankaner to Morvi was built to 2' 6" Narrow Gauge(NG) as a Tramway [1]. Richard Gardiner in 1887 was Manager-in-charge [2] and Willoughby Verner Constable was the Officiating Manager[3].

The tramway was converted to Metre Gauge(MG) to match the other lines in Gujerat and Kathiawar. [4]

In 1948 the Morvi Railway was merged to form the Saurashtra Railway

Further Information

Kathiawar Peninsula Railway and Tramway Systems gives a map, timeline and relates this railway to others in the Kathiawar Peninsula.