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Surendranager is a district of Wadhwhanand on the north side of the Bhogava River (now named the Bhogawo River.)

Wadhwan Town - see separate page, on the south side of the river, is listed in the Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 24, p. 347 but does not mention Surendranager.

The 'Bhogava River Temporary Tramway' was in use from 1870 providing connection across the river.

The 'Bhogava River Bridge' opened in 1878 as a road bridge and that did nor carry the Tramway - see below.

The 'Surendranagar-Bhavnagar Railway' later to become the 'Bhavnagar State Railway' operated from Surendranger from 1880.

The 'Morvi Tramway' reached Surendranager in 1884. The Wadhwan Durbar refused the Tramway entry into Wadhwan without an acceptance that Wadhwan owned the rights of passage over the Bhogava River Bridge. Hence the terminus of the Tramway did not enter Wadwhan.