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Online accounts about hunting, which was usually called sport or shikar in India.

Also including online accounts about fishing.

Many accounts include detailed observations about animals and their habitats.

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Hunting accounts

"Indian Game", (from Quail to Tiger) by William Rice 1884
The Spear and the Rifle; or Recollections of Sport in India by an Old Shekarree [Henry Astbury Leveson] 1860 Google Books
The Forest and the Field by H. A. L. The "Old Shekarry" 1867. India and Africa
Wrinkles; or, Hints to sportsmen and travellers on dress, equipment, and camp life by The Old Shekarry [Henry Astbury Leveson], a New Edition 1874.
Fifty years' reminiscences of India : a retrospect of travel, adventure and shikar by Colonel Pollock, [FitzWilliam Thomas Pollock] Madras Staff Corps 1896 version The author arrived in Madras in early 1849, and was posted to a Native Infantry Regiment. In 1853 he was appointed to the Sappers and Miners in Burma.
  • India and Tiger-Hunting by Colonel Julius Barras Volume I 1883; Series II 1885
The New Shikari at our Indian Stations by Julius Barras 1885 Volume 1, Volume 2
A Summer in High Asia, being a record of sport and travel in Baltisan and Ladakh by Capt F E S Adair, late Rifle Brigade 1899 2nd file, images may be marginally better.
Volume I only (although catalogued Vol. 2] 1911 edition, published in four volumes.
The author was appointed as Assistant Conservator of Forests in 1866 at Hoshangabad, C P.
  • Sport and Travel in the Far East by J C Grew 1910 The travel occurred in 1902-1903. Joseph Grew Wikipedia. He became an American diplomat, and from 1932-1941 was Ambassador to Japan.
  • Life in an Indian Outpost [Buxa Duar, North East India] by Major Gordon Casserly, Indian Army, first published c 1910. Hunting was a major activity. He was also the author of two books of fiction set in the same area:
The Elephant God by Gordon Casserly 1921
The Jungle Girl by Gordon Casserly 1922
Part 1 1933;60:5 377-392. Part 2 1933;60:6 456-461. Part 3 1933;61:1 61-70. Part 4 1933;61:2 133-144. Part 5 1933;61:4 304-309. Part 6 1933;61:5 379-393. Part 7: not online. Part 8 1934;62:2 142-150. Part 9 1934;62:3 224-233. Part 10 1934;62:5 365-376. Part 11 1934;62:6 430-440. Part 12 1934;63:2 127-134. Part 13 1934;63:3 193-206.

Fishing accounts

The Angler in India ; or, The Mighty Mahseer. Being the incorporated 3rd edition of The Angler in Northern India and The Mighty Mahseer by Skene Dhu , pseudonym for Cecil Lang 1923. With chapters on Burma and Ceylon. The University of British Colombia, Hawthorn Fly Fishing & Angling Collection
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Game Birds

Game, Shore, and Water Birds of India, with additional references to their allied species in other parts of the world by Colonel A Le Messurier, late Royal Engineers. 4th edition 1904