Indian Army Educational and Training Establishments c 1945

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From a volume available to read online on the Digital Library of India website, which is catalogued as The Half Yearly Indian Army List October Part II 1945, which commences around page 1349A (file page 9) File page references are included.

  • Staff College Quetta Established 1st July 1905 File page 1791 Moved to Quetta in1907
  • Tactical Training Centre, Clement Town, Dehra Dun fp 1791
  • School of Artillery (India) Deolali fp1795
  • Anti-Aircraft School (India) Karachi fp1795
  • School of Milirary Engineering, Roorkee fp 1796
  • Bomb Disposal School and Training Cemtre, Kirkee fp 1796
  • Officers Training School , Mhow fp 1797
  • Officers Training School , Bangalore fp 1797
  • Small Arms School (India) Saugor fp 1798
  • Army School of Driving & Maintenance, India, Arangaon fp 1799
  • Driver Mechanics School, Gurdaspur fp 1799
  • Mechanics School, Jullundur fp 1799
  • Fighting Vehicles School, Ahmednagar fp 1799
  • Indian Military Academy, Dehra Dun fp 1800
  • Army School of Education, India,Pachmarhi fp 1801
  • Army School of Chemical Warfare (India) Deolali (South) fp1801
  • Prince of Wales’s Royal Indian Military College, Dehra Dun fp 1802
  • School of Physical Training, Ambala fp 1802
  • Army Signal School, Poona fp 1802
  • Camouflage School. Kirkee fp 1802
  • Army School of Frontier Warfare, Kakul fp 1803
  • Intelligence Corps Training Centre, Karachi fp 1803
  • Royal Indian Army Service Corps School, Kakul fp 1803. Appers to include
    • Royal Indian Army Service Corps Mechanical Transport NCOs School fp 1804. No location given but follows the previous listing at Kakul.
  • RIASC, VCO’s School Bareilly fp 1804
  • Indian Army Ordnance Corps Training Centre, Jubbulpore fp 1805
  • Indian Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Training Centre, Jubbulpore fp 1807
  • Army in India Catering Corps Training Centre, Aurangabad fp 1809
  • Army Schools of Cookery, India Poona and Mhow fp 1809
  • Army Veterinary School, Ambala fp 1809
  • United Services Pre-Cadet College, Belgaum fp 1809
  • King George’s Royal Indian Military Colleges Jhelum , Jullundur and Ajmer fp 1810
  • India Army Regimental Clerks School, Pachmarhi fp 1810