Jamshedpur Golmuri Tinplate Works Railway

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Jamshedpur Golmuri Tinplate Works Railway

The Tinplate Works at Golmuri, Jamshedpur was established in 1920 as 'The Tinplate Company of India Limited' with Burmah Oil Company as the major shareholder. The works opened in 1922 and had a production capacity of 28,000 tonnes of tin plate per annum from a Hot Dip plant [1].

The records show that a number of broad gauge(BG) locomotives served the works [1]. The extent of the BG track within the works is unknown but there was a connection to the Bengal-Nagpur Railway 'Calcutta Extension Section'. It is known that an internal railway linked this works to the Tata Steels's Jamshedpur Steel Works [1].


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