John Hodgson

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John Hodgson (1814-1857)

Railway Achievements


  • 1852 Nov, appointed East Indian Railway Superintendent of Locomotive Department based in Calcutta [2].
  • 1853, the Locomotive Workshops at this time were at Howrah.
  • 1856, Locomotive Workshops moved to Allahabad [2]
  • 1857, on breakout of the Indian Mutiny and when the Mutiny at Allahabad forced a state of siege to be declared, he and his wife, with many other Europeans, went into the fort of that city. Owing to its crowded state, and the short supply of provisions, cholera was rampant and Mrs. Hodgson died on the 19th June, 1857 and he the day after the 20th of June [2].

The East Indian Railway 1857 Cawnpore Memorial bears his name [3].