Jorhat (Provincial) State Railway

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Jorhat (Provincial) State Railway
Jorhat State Railway 1942.jpg
1942 map
Line of route
Titabar to Gosaigaon
Gauge / mileage
2' 0" NG 30 miles (1905)
1884 First section opened to traffic.
1885 Renamed Jorhat State Railway
1915 Renamed Jorhat Provincial Railway
1937 Nationalised
1943 Merged into Bengal and Assam Railway
Key locations
Presidency Bengal
Stations Gosaigaon, Jorhat, Mariani, Titabar
System agency
State Railway Agency
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Jorhat (Provincial) State Railway Map 1909

The Jorhat State (Provincial) Railway(JPSR) was a 2' 0" Narrow Gauge(NG) railway which connected Gosaigon on the River Brahmaputra with Jorhat and two junctions on the Assam-Bengal Railway (later the Bengal and Assam Railway).

The railway was surveyed as the Assam Kokilamukh Railway and originally variously named the "Kokila Mookh Tramway", "Kokila Mookh State Railway" and then the Kokilamukh State Railway when the Jorhat to Dhali River section opened to traffic on 9 December 1884. [1]

In 1885, the railway was renamed the Jorhat State Railway and further extensions constructed.

In 1915, the name was changed again to the Jorhat Provincial Railway(JPSR). The Government of India(GoI) nationalised the railway in 1937.

On 1 October 1943, the GoI amalgamated the JPSR with the Bengal and Assam Railway.

Branch Line of JPSR