Kolhapur Campaign

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Also known as the Gadkari Rebellion.

Kolhapur Campaign
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Location: Kolhapur State
British Field Forces Kolhapur State forces
Result: British control of Kolhapur
Category: Kolhapur Campaign
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Kolhapur Campaign
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Disputed succession led to turmoil in the state during which the Gadkari tribal people rebelled over unjust land laws. They formed the garrisons of Samanghur and Bhudargad hill forts which the shut against the authorities. The Sibandi militia joined the insurrection and set up an alternative government. British troops under Major-General Peter Delamotte CB, Commander of the Southern Division of the Bombay Army, were dispatched from Belgaum. His guns eventually forced Samanghur to surrender though Kolhapur forces were repulsed at Bhudargad. Negotiations led to the release of prisoners held by the rebel government and Delamoote marched to Bhudargad. The garrison surrendered but the rebel leader Babaji fled to another stronghold, Panhala Fort. This was stormed as were Rangna and Vishalgad forts. The insurrection was crushed and a British officer was installed as Political Superintendent to oversee the state government.

Campaign Force

Some 8,000 fighting men under General Delamotte

  • 1st Brigade under Col Wallace
  • 2nd Brigade under Col Brough
  • 3rd Brigade under Col Hickes
  • Cavalry under a senior officer
  • Artillery under Col Lloyd CB

The list below is incomplete

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