22nd Regiment of Foot

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22nd Regiment of Foot (The Cheshire Regiment)


  • 1689 raised as The Norfolk's Regiment of Foot
  • 1751 became the 22nd Regiment of Foot
  • 1782 became 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment of Foot
  • 1881 became The Cheshire Regiment
  • 2007 amalgamated with the Staffordshire Regiment and the Worcestershire & Sherwood Foresters to become the 1st Battalion, Mercian Regiment (Cheshires)

Service in British India

The 1st Cheshires were at Kasauli in June 1935.[1]

British Library holdings

  • The 1st Battalion Cheshire Regiment, illustrated. With brief historical account of the services of the Regiment, etc. Photographs by Fred Bremner. Published in Quetta by Fred Bremner, 1902.
This is a photographic album produced by the photographer Fred Bremner, one of four known photographic albums of British Army Regiments in the North-West of India which he published in Quetta and Lahore in the early 1900s. It consists of a brief History of 20 pages followed by 38 full page printed photographs.[2]

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  1. There is a memorial in the church in Kasauli to Selby Lane and Richard Reed of the Cheshire Regiment, “ who gave their lives fighting a forest fire, which on 7th June threatened to destroy Kasauli” in 1935, described in "Kasauli: of Bun-Samosas and Rissoles" by Raaja Bhasin, (travelintelligence.com, now an archived website) (retrieved 14 June 2014)
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