Sind Campaign

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Sind Campaign
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East India Company Talpurs
Result: British victory. Sind annexed.
Scinde Medal
Versions: Meeanee 1843; Hyderabad 1843; Meeanee, Hyderabad 1843.
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Charles Napier was sent to Sind in 1842 by the Governor-General Lord Ellenborough to suppress the Muslim rulers of the area who had become hostile following the end of the 1st Afghan War. The Talpurs were thoroughly defeated at the Battle of Meeanee and this led to the annexation of Sindh by the Bombay Presidency which renamed it the Sind Division. It was separated from the Presidency becoming Sind Province in 1936.

There was fierce criticism in Great Britain of the campaign which was seen as a provocative war of annexation.

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Entries in the Dictionary of Indian Biography 1906
Lord Ellenborough (1790-1871)
John Jacob (1812-1858)
Charles Napier (1782-1853)
James Outram (1803-1863)

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