Battle of Hyderabad

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This was one of the actions in the Sind Campaign

Battle of Hyderabad
Part of Sind Campaign
Date: 15 February 1843
Location: Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan
Presidency: Bombay
Co-ordinates: 25.390107°N 68.354214°E
Result: British retreat
East India Company Baluchi Talpurs
Maj James Outram Meer Shahdad Khan
Meer Mahomed Khan
100 men 8,000 men
6 guns
3 killed
10 wounded
four missing
60 killed


British demands to cede of territory and taxation were finally acceded to by the ruling Mirs. The Baluchis of the Mirs' army were not appeased however and attacked the British Residency outside Hyderabad. Major Outram with a small number of defenders were forced to retreat to two steamers on the Indus in which they withdrew.

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