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Sind was part of the Bombay Presidency during the British period. It is now a province in Pakistan.

Spelling Variants

Modern name: Sind/Sindh
Other spellings: Sinde, Scinde


  • 1843 to 1847 - Province
  • 1847 to 1936 - Division of Bombay Presidency.
  • 1936 to 1947 - Province


Cities and Towns


For districts during the British period see article Bombay Districts.
The following are modern districts:

Princely State

Military history

External links

Sind Province "Wikipedia"
Sindh "wikipedia" a website about Sindh. Contains links to rare books to download, and to many articles, including two on maps called Historical Maps of Sindh and Maps of Sindh

Historical books online

Volume I- Karachi District: 1910 (perhaps 1919?),, [1919], ; Volume II- Hyderabad District, 1927 version; Volume III -Sukkur District version 1919; version 1928; Volume IV- Larkana District, 1927 version; Volume V- Nawabshah District, 1926 version; Volume VI-Thar and Parkar District 1926 version. (Not available online: B Volume VII Upper Sind Frontier District, but it is available at the British Library IOR/V/27/63/110).
‪Narrative of a Visit to the Court of Sinde at Hyderabad on the Indus‬: ‪With a Sketch of the History of Cutch, and an Appendix by James Burnes, Bombay Army 3rd edition 1839 Google Books. Additional contents compared with the 2nd edition, but without the "medical topography of Bhooj"
A Few Brief Comments on Sir Charles Napier's Letter to Sir J. Hobhouse, "On the Baggage of the Indian Army"‬ by Lieut-Col W Burlton of the Bengal Cavalry, late Commissary-General of the Bengal Army 1849 Google Books
Sir Charles Napier's Indian Baggage Corps. Reply to Lieut.-Col. Burlton's attack [i.e. to his pamphlet entitled: “A few brief comments on Sir Charles Napier's Letter to Sir John Hobhouse” by Major Montagu McMurdo, late Head of the Quartet-Master General’s Department of Scinde 1850 Google Books