Battle of Dubba

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This was one of the actions in the Sind Campaign

Battle of Dubba
Part of Sind Campaign
Date: 24 March 1843
Location: Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan
Presidency: Bombay
Co-ordinates: 25.390107°N 68.354214°E
Result: British victory
East India Company Talpurs
Gen Sir Charles Napier Sher Mohamed


Mir Sher Muhammad Khan Talpur tried to liberate Sindh from the British but was defeated near Hyderabad


The account describes the battle as at the village of Nareja in the district of Dabo near the Fuleli. It was within four hours march of Hyderabad.

Spelling variants

Modern name: not found
Variants: Dubba/Dabo/Dabba/Dubbo

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