Lushai Expedition

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Lushai Expedition
Chronological list of Wars and Campaigns
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Location: Lushai Hills, Mizoram
British army Lushai tribes
Result: Submission of tribes
Medals: India General Service Medal 1854
Clasp: Looshai
Lushai Expedition 1871-72


Raids by Lushai tribesmen became more frequent and serious in early 1871. A punitive expedition was therefore mounted which restored peace for nearly twenty years. The chiefs submitted and agreed to the following terms:

  1. Free Government access to tribal villages
  2. Captured guns to be returned
  3. Payment of a fine of two elephant tusks, one set of war gongs, one necklace, ten goats, ten pigs, fifty fowls and twenty maunds of rice (1 maund = approx 80 lbs).

Lushai Field Force

Cachar (Left) Column
General G Bourchier CB commanding

  • 1,440 coolies (Lt-Col Davidson)
  • 800 coolies for sepoys baggage (Maj Moore)
  • 121 elephants
  • Senior Staff Officer Col Frederick Roberts
  • Brigade Major Capt Thomas
  • Aide-de-Camp Capt Butter
  • Inspector General of Hospitals Dr Buckle
  • Political Officer Mr Edgar
  • Topographical Survey Capt Badgley
  • Telegragh Mr Pitman

Chittagong (Right) Column
Brig-Gen Charles H Brownlow CB commanding


Entries in the Dictionary of Indian Biography 1906
George Bourchier (1821- 98)
Charles Brownlow (1831-1916)
Frederick Roberts (1832- 1914)

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Historical books online

  • "The Lushai Expedition 1871-72" page 255 A fly on the wheel; or, How I helped to govern India by Lieut.-Col. Thomas H Lewin 1912, first published 1885. At the time, he was Deputy Commissioner and Political Agent of the Hill Tracts of Chittagong.
  • Forty-one Years in India from Subaltern to Commander-in-Chief by Field Marshal Lord Roberts od Kandahar 1900 Lushai Expedition