Madras European Infantry

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The Madras European Infantry consisted of three regiments which were raised/disbanded as necessary until 1861 when they were amalgamated into the British Army. The names of the regiments changed over time, but in 1842 were:


  • 1742 Major Stringer Lawrence raised the first troops, 3 companies, for the East India Company in Madras in 1742. By 1766 they had three regiments.
  • 1774 3rd Regiment absorbed into the other two to give them 2 battalions each
  • 1777 3rd Regiment raised again, with two battalions, for the 1st Maratha War
  • 1796 3rd Regiment disbanded
  • 1799 2nd Regiment disbanded
  • 1824 2nd Regiment raised again
  • 1830 2nd Regiment disbanded again
  • 1839 2nd Regiment raised again
  • 1853 3rd Regiment raised again
  • 1861 Three regiments taken into British Army as 102nd (1st Battalion, Royal Dublin Fusiliers), 105th (2nd Battalion, King's Own Light Infantry) and 108th (2nd Battalion, Royal Inniskillen Fusiliers)

From British Army Website