2nd Madras (European) Light Infantry

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Colours of Madras 2 Eur Rgt

Part of the Madras European Infantry.


  • 1839 raised the 2nd Madras (European) Regiment
  • 1842 renamed the 2nd Madras (European) Light Infantry
  • 1858 taken into the British Army
  • 1862 renamed 105th Regiment of Foot
  • 1881 amalgamated with the 51st Regiment of Foot (aka 2nd Yorkshire, West Riding, The King's Own Light Infantry) to become 2nd Battalion The King's Own Light Infantry (South Yorkshire Regiment) KOYLI
  • 1897 became The King's Own (Yorkshire Light Infantry)
  • 1921 became The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
  • 1948 became 2nd Battalion of The Light Infantry (2LI)
  • 2007 merged with the Royal Green Jackets to form The Rifles becoming 5 RIFLES

Service in British India

FIBIS resources

  • Monthly Military Musters by Peter Bailey. Part 1 FIBIS Journal Number 6 (Autumn 2001) and Part 2 FIBIS Journal Number 7 (Spring 2002). The article contains a copy of the muster taken for ‘A’ or Captain J. Cramer’s Company, Madras European Infantry which was stationed at Bangalore on 1st January 1841. Part 1 contains information about the 'Women' classified according to 'European' or 'East Indian', and children, and Part 2 is about the officers and soldiers.
  • Photograph of Kings Own Light Infantry - Burma 1943 Fibis gallery

Marriages 1840-1863: Journal article

Marriages between EIC soldiers and Anglo Indians or Native women, the allowances paid to wives and the army records kept regarding these wives are discussed in "Haemoglobin D (B Punjab) in an East Anglian Family", The Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland, Vol. 95, No. 2 (Jul. - Dec., 1965), pp. 295-306. The article (including an extract) and its implications are the subject of an India List thread.[1]. The 2nd Madras (European) Light Infantry is particularly mentioned as marriage registers were (in 1965) available for the period 1840-1863 showing the race of the bride. The article may be read online on the subscription website JSTOR for free, but first you must register. Some card holders of participating libraries may also have access, refer Miscellaneous tips for more about both options. Also available at the British Library

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  1. Bailey, Peter et al. MORE HELPFUL INFORMATION ...Allowance for Eurasianwives Rootsweb India Mailing List 19 January 2010, archived. Search the India List Archives for other posts on this topic.