Mohmand Expedition 1897

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Mohmand Expedition
August -October 1897
Chronological list of Wars and Campaigns
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Location: Mohmand Agency, NWF
East India Company Mohmand tribesmen
Submission of tribesmen
Medals: India Medal
Clasp: Punjab Frontier 1897-98
Category: Mohmand Expedition 1897
Mohmand Territory 1909


The Hadda Mullah stirred up jihad amongst the Mohmand tribes which resulted in an attack on the fort at Shabkadar. This was beaten off but further unrest resulted in the formation of an expeditionary force under General Elles. A series of punitive opérations including the Battle of Bedmanai Pass led to the eventual submission of the tribes.

Mohmand Field Force

Commanded by Brig Gen E.R.Elles CB
First Brigade
Brig Gen R.Westmacott CB DSO

Second Brigade
Brig Gen C.R.MacGregor DSO

Divisional Troops

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