Mutiny of the Janbaz

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This was an event during the 1st Afghan War
For context see main article General Nott at Kandahar


Shah Shujah's Afghan cavalry (Janbaz) had long been suspected of disloyalty by William Nott. This brought criticism of the general from the Envoy in Kabul and the Calcutta Government. Major Rawlinson, the political officer at Kandahar, agreed with Nott and determined that they should be removed from the city. The 1st Regiment of 250 troopers under Lt Golding and the 2nd Regiment of 150 troopers under Lt Wilson were ordered to escort treasure and ammunition to Gereshk with Lt Pattinson as political officer. On 27 December 1841 thinking their planned mutiny had been discovered, they attacked Golding and Pattinson in their tent killing the former and wounding the latter. They then fled Kandahar but were pursued by cavalry under Captains Wilson and Leeson which caught up with them 12 miles from Kandahar. Thirty rebels were killed, others wounded and the remainder retreated to the camp of Atta Mahomed.

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