Nagda-Muttra State Railway

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Spelling Note – Muttra has the modern name Mathura which is used in some documents and records.

The Nagda-Muttra State Railway was a broad gauge(BG) State railway, forming a branch of the Bombay, Baroda and Central India Railway(BB&CIR) network from Nagda to Muttra; 339 miles(542km) [1]

The line connected to the BB&CIR Godhra-Ratlam-Nagda Railway Section at Nagda opened 1907-8, running almost due north to Kotah, through Central India and the Rajputana States to Muttra [2].

At Muttra the line connected to the Agra-Delhi Chord Railway, worked by the Great Indian Peninsula Railway(GIPR) and opened a shorter route between Bombay and Delhi.

Further information

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