Nagpur-Chhindwara Railway

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The Nagpur-Chhindwara Railway was a 2ft 6in/762mm narrow gauge(NG) line owned by the Government of India(GoI) and worked by Bengal-Nagpur Railway(BNR). [1]

The line from Itwarri to Sausar, 50 miles(80km), opened in 1911 with a branch to Khapaand and to Katchildhann in 1912. The extended to Chhindwara in 1913, an additional 39 miles giving a total of 97 miles [1].

The Nagpur-Chhindwara Railway merged with the Gondia-Chanda Railway and the Jubbulpore-Gondia Railway to form the Satpura Railway around 1920. [2]

The Nagpur-Chhindwara section closed in 2015 for conversion to broad gauge(BG) [3]

Further Information

See Satpura Railway


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