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Nana Sahib (born 1824 as Dhondu Pant) was the adopted son of the Maratha Peshwa Baji Rao II whose kingdom had been annexed by the British following the 3rd Maratha War. He was brought up in exile in Bithur. The British refused to recognise him as the heir to his father's honours and pension despite an appeal to the government in Britain. At the outbreak of the Indian Mutiny Nana Sahib seized the treasury at Cawnpore and besieged the British garrison. This resulted in the massacre at Satichaura Ghat and the murder of the hostages in the Bibigarh. General Henry Havelock recaptured Cawnpore forcing Nana Sahib to retreat to Bithur which Havelock also attacked and occupied. Nana Sahib escaped and was never found. Rumour said that he died in Nepal.

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