Nandhaur Valley Tramway

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Nandhaur Valley Forestry Tramway

The 'Nandhaur Valley Tramway' was completed during 1925-26 by the United Provinces Forets Department, Nainital District [1].

The Tramway was a 2ft/610mm narrow gauge(NG) that ran from Lalkuan on the Rohilkund and Kumaon Railway(R&KR), initially for 16 miles(25km) later extended to 17 miles(27km) to the felling area at Sela. It was operated by the Haldwani Division and only worked for six months of the year with a planned life of eight years [1].

The records show the huge volumes of timber being transported each year and the locomotives utilised, the last mention of this tramway was in 1936-37[1].


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