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Presidency: Bengal
Coordinates: 24.25°N 74.91°E
Altitude: 452 m (1,483 ft)
Present Day Details
Place Name: Neemuch
State/Province: Madhya Pradesh
Country: India
Transport links
Bombay, Baroda and Central India Railway
Oudh and Rohilkhand Railway
Rohilkund and Kumaon Railway

Neemuch was a town and cantonnent in the Mandasor District of Gwalior State during the British period. The cantonment dates back to 1817.

Also spelled Nimach - an acronym for Northern India Mounted Artillery & Cavalry Headquarters.

The cantonment was one of those located within a Princely State but under the direct control of the the British. It was part of the Central India Administration.[1]

Spelling variants

Neemuch, Nimuch, Nimach

Military history

Mutiny at Neemuch 3 June 1857
Relief of Neemuch 1857

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Historical books online

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  • Neemuch page 463 Report of the Commissioners Appointed to Inquire into the Sanitary State of the Army in India : with Abstract of Evidence, and of Reports Received from Indian Military Stations 1864
  • A Soldier's India by Clifford Keates. Large print edition 1988, first published 1986. Book to Borrow/Lending Library. Edited from a manuscript Flashes of Light from the Storm of Life by Keates, Driver No 6278 (born 1864), of the 26th Field Battery, Royal Artillery in India who arrived at Neemuch, 160 miles north of Mhow in November 1888. The account describes a march by a Reconnaissance Party between Neemuch and Ahmednagar in 1890.